Berwick Devoil
Financial Solutions & Outsourcing

Providing quality bespoke financial solutions. BDFSO has offices in Tunbridge Wells, London and Barbados.

Our Services Include

  • Charity
  • Private Pension
  • Income Protection
  • Capital Redemption Bonds
  • Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • On & Offshore Investment Advice
  • Lump Sum & Regular Savings Advice
  • School Fees Planning
  • Discount Gift Trusts
  • Partnership Insurance
  • Keyman Insurance & Shareholder Protection Insurance
  • Work Place Pensions

BDfSO Approach

At BDFSO we carry on the Berwick Devoil primary goal of providing the highest level of customer service and communication to all our Corporate and Individual Clients.

Our approach is simple, the client comes first.

Our Individual Clients receive a personal service based on their own requirements and goals.

Our Corporate Clients receive services specific to the goals and needs of the company as well as cascading the benefit/service of independent financial advice to their employees.

BDfSO Services

BDFSO is an employee benefit specialist, providing companies with advice on their pension schemes. Its sister company, BDHL, provides all the protection products advice. Our advisers do not stop there, we regularly visit staff for group and individual meetings to give them independent advice in the work place on Protection, Retirement, Investments and Savings.

Reviewing their employee benefits, existing policies, income and outgoings, assets and liabilities, state pension forecasts, wills and estate planning will all be covered.


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