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Life Insurance

Its unfortunate that it often takes a tragedy to make us sit up and think about this type of insurance, it’s a topic we all avoid. Your age, your career or how you choose to live your life has no bearing but taking responsibility will make a difference.

An individual with children, a mortgage and liabilities makes this an essential product to protect the family.

Serious consideration of how much cover you need and for how long is imperative to the planning.

No one wants to think about death or pay for insurance but as good grown ups with families it is not an issue to duck.

We won’t look at anything else until this need is fully catered for.

Life cover comes in many forms for individuals, business owners and for Inheritance tax planning. We can cater for them all from simple mortgage cover to Whole Of Life cover with an investment element to it.

Questions to oneself – “Have you completed a death benefits nomination form at work for your group death in service benefit?

In the same vein have you completed a death benefit nomination form for your individual and company pension schemes. Most people are unaware that money purchase pension benefits pay out a tax free lump sum to the nominated beneficiary prior to any benefits being taken.

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